Sunday, February 3, 2013

1st week in texas

i've been in texas a week now and it's already proving itself to be a life-changing experience. even though it's hard to be away from home, i'm glad i stepped out of my comfort zone and am challenging myself. i think i'll be able to look back on this time and see that it made me a better person. you just don't grow when you stay sheltered and cooped up with all things familiar and easy and i'm glad i'm realizing that. 
anyway, i came out here not knowing anyone except for two middle-aged people and a baby. i still haven't met anyone that i see myself becoming great friends with, but i've been introduced to some really great people. i just don't know how to meet people on my own and find friends. i went to a super bowl party tonight for a singles' group from a church i visited but i didn't really connect with anyone and don't really have a desire to go back to that church haha. they all seemed like people who don't know how to enjoy a beer and say a cuss word or two when they're mad. you know what i mean? i really like people who are real and, while they love God and try to live lives that honor Him, still show their human side and leave their faults on the table. that kinda sounds like i'm talking about people who use God's grace as a license to sin, but that's not what i mean, i just don't know how else to explain it. these people just seemed too perfect. haha, i mean, good for them. that's great, but i guess i just can't really identify with that.

anyone moved to a town where you didn't know anyone? how did you meet people?

here's a little re-cap of my 1st week here...

this was at lake grapevine. mrs. g took me here and we strolled around the lake. it was really peaceful.

random selfie... basking in the warm texan sun.

cool story: the baby had her newborn photos done on monday and the photographer happened to be near my age and offered to hang out! we went walking around this place. not sure what it was... it was next to a dump and had random trails and this cabin on it haha. it was nice to hang out with a person my age. even though, again, she's not someone i see myself becoming bffs with, she was really sweet and i enjoyed her company.

an armadillo! it was jumping. terrifying. 

there was a pretty river there.

riding solo, as usual. this is what i do when i have nothing else to do: turn off my gps, get lost for a few hours, listen to country music, turn gps back on, go home. 

stumbled upon the texas motor speedway during one of my drives. hey, hey. 

found this awesome trail! it's near my favorite little western town and is out in the middle of some beautiful texas country! i went running here.


pretty views on my run. 

that's all for now. hopefully i'll have some adventure to share soon!