Saturday, September 8, 2012

berry tea

this morning i really wanted a smoothie but i didn't want all that heavy dairy (i usually make mine with whole milk and greek yogurt) because it always ends up being too much and making me feel sick, which could have more to do with portion control, but we won't go there... anyways i decided to use tea instead of milk and of course nix the yogurt. i didn't think it would turn out well but it was reeeeeally tasty and refreshing. it turned out more like a drink than a smoothie so it wasn't as filling but it was so good and tasted really similar to something i've gotten at starbucks.

you should try it!

just add...

one cup of frozen mixed berries, or really any kind of frozen fruit

about a cup of tea that's been cooled. i used earl grey because that's what i had on hand.

and my favorite part:

about a tbsp of honey.....or more. 

blend all this together and you've got yourself a 130 calorie glass of frothy berry tea goodness!

there will be lots of seeds in the bottom especially. i don't mind them but you could obviously just strain it if that's something that will bother you.

(skype session with a handsome soldier optional)

enjoy! ;)

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