Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dear diary

things i'm loving about this week:

1. i'm finding my classes to be super easy...like mind-blowingly, i-didn't-think-college-could-be-so-easy easy.
2. today, or technically yesterday since it's now 12am, was z's and my 4 month anniversary. yippee! best 4 months of my life. :)
3. i've been sleeping with my window open because the temperature has cooled down to perfection.
4. i got my violin restrung! it's been sitting unplayed in our dusty parlor for well...2 years now. hopefully i can pick it back up quickly!
5. i have a surplus of german chocolate. 

things i'm not loving about this week:

1. i haven't made it to the gym yet.........
2. i can't sleep! i don't know why, but i've been tossing and turning until about 2 every night.
3. i feel like i'm not alive. have you ever felt like that? like at night when the day's over you ask yourself, "did i just live this day?" maybe it's because i haven't been sleeping well but it's super weird and i need to fix this. 
4. i have nothing to read.
5. my old macbook who has always run at the speed of light has become increasingly slow the past week or so. waaaaaaaa....:( it's like the end of an era.  

anyways, i hope anyone and everyone who stumbles upon this post is having a good, happy week. :) 

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