Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Things

Five things, real quick.

1. I don't understand why, at an age of prime baby-making ability (I'm 21), I'm not married. To a hot person who works outside and has a farmer's tan and substantial muscles. ????? Why, God, why? Didn't You create women to get married and have babies?

2. I just want some bacon. I haven't had any in 4 months. Healthy food is for the birds. (The baby's dad has a weak heart and therefore has to eat really, really healthy so there's only healthy food in the house). (I'm a live-in nanny, btw, not a baby-mama). Thankfully, I'll be visiting home for two weeks where I'll have a world of carbs, pork fat, and fried things at my finger tips. Ahhh... Carolina on my mind.

3. I can't decide whether or not to go to UNT in the fall. Lord, answer!

4. Texas is beautiful in the springtime!

5. I locked myself out of the house yesterday and tried to break in with a bobby pin, a teeny tiny wrench, and several Youtube tutorials. I was unsuccessful so sat by the pool for two hours. Thankfully I was already in my baiting suit. ✓


  1. have some bacon! healthy food is overrate d:)

  2. "Let them eat bacon"
    This is what Marie Antoinette actually said.
    Of course somethings get lost in translation. Just like "Je me rase me jambe," vs "Je me rase me jambon."