Monday, December 31, 2012

a clean slate

new years eve! i truly love it. i'd even have to say i love it better than thanksgiving and christmas, which i know is weird and makes some people want to slap me, but it's true. i like it better because there are no commitments, no rushing from one grandma's house to the next, no anxious scrambling to buy last-minute gifts, no long car rides... just some laid-back explosions of champagne and colorful gun powder.  not to mention the thought that an entirely fresh new year with a clean slate lies ahead, which is just the most exciting dang thing ever. each year is so different from the last and it's fun to think of all the things that are waiting to be discovered, all the people who are waiting to be loved, all the places that are waiting to be explored, and all the......chocolate that's waiting to be eaten? yes! 

i'm having a bonfire tonight with my close friends. we had planned to get all bedazzled and hit the town but when plans fell through, the next best thing was a good old-fashined bonfire and some beer. i hope i remember to take pictures, which i'll post here tomorrow. 

happy new years, everyone! 

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