Thursday, January 3, 2013

nye pictures

well, this is embarrassing. i'm terrible at documenting my life via pictures - i always forget to take them! i took all of 5 pictures at my nye party and only 2 of them weren't blurry haha. i guess i have an excuse because i was busy running around playing hostess. i barely even remember the night because i was getting firewood, setting food out, opening bottles, handing out champagne glasses, etc etc etc and barely sat down. not a huge fan of hosting parties so i'm not sure why i do it. i'd rather just go somewhere and let someone else do the work haha.

lights in the fig tree + my man and me with my cousin and his girlfriend, who drove down from atlanta to celebrate with us. love them! i also love taking pictures with them because they make my 5 feet and 8 inches look short.

hope everyone's year has gotten off on the right foot. 
lots of love! xoxo

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