Tuesday, January 15, 2013


i'm moving from my beloved south carolina to DALLAS, TX in exactly one week and two days. i have never lived in another city, much less another state, ever. i've always been a stone's throw away from my parents and siblings. this is huge for me, people. i accepted a job as a nanny for some friends and their adorable daughter who is only a week old. she's precious and i couldn't be more excited or honored!
life is so unexpected. i never would have guessed that i'd wind up living in texas, especially as a nanny, of all things... i always saw myself doing art in europe when i was in highschool. i've always had a knack for the artistic side of things and have always been obsessed with europe, too. then when i decided to go to college after all, i started thinking about law school or a government job because, during a major identity crisis, i randomly majored in political science. i quickly realized that i was too much of a free-spirit to restrict myself to a desk job so left school and am now basically a gypsy... haha. 
that's the great thing about life though, i guess. you just kind of have to roll with the punches and laugh at yourself. 
it'll be interesting to see where i end up/what i'll be doing in a year from now. i want to start a business, travel, get married, and have a huge garden. not in that order and not this year, but there's my bucket list. ;)  

i started this post as a phone pic catch-up and ended up telling you my life story...wow. haha.

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