Saturday, November 24, 2012

coconut oil

i've been hearing a lot about coconut oil and its many uses via pinterest and a few of my favorite blogs, so i decided to see what all of the hype is about and buy my own. i've been using it all week and i'm definitely a fan. it's absolutely incredible, and i love that it provides an opportunity to add some more organic, all-natural-ness to my beauty routine. 

i've been using it several ways:
as mosturizer. i'm running out of mosturizer and put in an order for some more from arbonne but it hasn't come yet and so i needed a substitute. my best friend, who knows more about it than i do, told me you could use coconut oil to moisturize. i tried it and love the way it made my face feel. my skin's more on the oily side but it always gets more dry in winter. the coconut oil really soaked in and made it feel so smooth without it being really greasy, oily, or clogging my pores. i kinda wish i wouldn't have placed an order with arbonne now because i could easily just keep using the oil haha. 

as shave gel. i never use shave gel. i always just use body wash/soap to shave my legs, but i rubbed a little coconut oil onto my legs before shaving and they are smooth as a baby's bottom! and i have a dull razor right now because i keep forgetting to get a new one. i'm amazed...

as hand lotion. i've been rubbing a little onto my hands every night before bed. they feel like silk.

as a deep-conditioning hair mask. this is my favorite! i wasn't very hopeful that it'd do anything because i've tried other home hair masks like egg whites and olive oil and they haven't done anything. this, on the other hand..... my hair feels like angel hair. or rabbit's fur. like when i brush it, it feels like i'm just brushing through air. ahhh... what i did was washed my hair, got out and towel dried it, applied coconut oil from roots to ends, wrapped it in a towel, let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed it out and washed and conditioned like normal. you know the way your hair feels after the first time you use a new conditioner? that's how it feels but even better!

my hair after the mask

i'm also going to start taking about 2 tablespoons of it a day before breakfast. it's really good to consume for your over-all health and has lots of nutritional value. it contains a fatty acid known as an energetic fat source that boosts energy. it also helps with skin tone, improves cholesterol, and boosts your immune system. aaand it keep you full for longer and can curb a sweet tooth (fingers crossed). you can also cook with it. it melts down to the same consistency as olive oil, so is easy to incorporate into things you're cooking. 
try it!

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