Monday, November 5, 2012


we all love music.
here's what i've been listening to recently: 

1. the new mumford & sons album is divine. ghosts that we knew is one of my favorite tracks.

2. kids raising kids by kopecky family band is another favorite at the moment. i love the whole album and have been listening to it on repeat.  
you can listen to the whole album here. you won't regret it.

3. now time to admit a dirty little secret. i'm really (really, i'm not kidding) embarrassed about it..........
there, i said it. 
not the whole thing but there are some gems hidden in the rubble.
don't lie to me, you've sung along with 'we are never getting back together' in you car. 

"and i just wanna tell you it takes everything in me not to call you. and i wish i could run to you and i hope you know that every time i don't i almost do." (from 'i almost do') we can all relate to that, right? 

4. this song, because it brings back good memories from panama and because i grew up on mr. marley:

5. the avett brothers, of course

6. the lumineers
i've listened to this song about 500 times in the past 2 months. it's one of my favorite songs of all time and sometimes makes me cry.

there ya go. not a long list because i tend to get attached and listen to the same dozen songs over and over again.

i hope everyone has a great week and that you hit the polls tomorrow. :) 

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