Wednesday, November 28, 2012

my 21st bithday

well, yesterday i turned 21.

i decided that the best way to spend my 21st would be in the mountains hiking at my favorite place, balsam knob. i feel like i've talked about the mountains way too much on here already, so i swear i'll try to come up with some new content after this post haha.

 anyway, luckily, my two best friends happened to be off work so we took off for the whole day and it was perfect! couldn't have asked for a better day. 
we drove to brevard, which is a cute little mountain town, and ate the most delicious breakfast i've ever put in my mouth. i'll be dreaming about those biscuits and sausage gravy for a long time.
we then headed over to a bi-lo so i could purchase some booze. more so just to say i could/did than to drink. i was so scared. i was literally biting my nails and looking over my shoulder as i walked over to the checkout lady. i fully expected her to look at me, laugh and call the cops. i walked away unscathed, however, with a big grin on my face. i think this is the first birthday where i've actually felt older, because of that single incident. haha... 

the rest of the day consisted of getting turned around several times, aggressive bear warnings, some hiking, lunching and lounging by a waterfall, attempting to build a fire then running out of matches, lots of laughter, driving through some intense fog, shopping, dining, card playing, coffee drinking, and more laugher. 

i'm laughing now thinking about how on the night of my 21st birthday i sat on my bed and played cards (we're obsessed with this game called 'oh hell'...don't judge) until 2am instead of going out and getting trashed, as most do. it's just not my thing. i did, however, enjoy a few stella artoises, which i've come to find is a prime, prime beverage. 

some pictures from the day...

we're determined to hike this one day! 

nothing like chilling your beer in a cold mountain river haha

 oh, and i came home to the sweetest, loveliest surprise from my far-away love: a flower cake that i adore!!! he's the sweetest. :)

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