Tuesday, November 6, 2012


if i don't have my nose in a book, i like having a tv series to watch during my downtime. the past year or so i've been obsessed with mad men and downton abbey, which i'm sure you've heard of and/or seen. they have both of them on netflix, so if you have an account, i highly recommend you watch them. i finished them a while ago and have been waiting for another series to come out that i can plug into. finally, i found another that, to me, is worth watching every week: nashville. 
i saw a commercial for it and it immediately piqued my interest. since i'm a southern girl, the setting and the music got me hooked. there's just enough romance and drama to keep things interesting, but not so much that you feel like you're watching a soap opera. if you like country and folk music then you'll appreciate it for it's nod to those genres and the original songs performed in each episode. i won't give anything else away, so you'll have to watch an episode and tell me what you think!
all the episodes come out on www.hulu.com every week so hop on over and take advantage of the FREE opportunity to get hooked on a great show. 

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